MailPop LLC's kid's newsletters will educate your child about the world around them.
MailPop LLC's kid's newsletters will inspire your child to explore the deepest oceans.
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Beautiful educational letters with fun surprises delivered to your mailbox each week!

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Our conent is powered by Britannica kids.
MailPop LLC's kid's newsletters will inspire your child to reach for the stars.
MailPop LLC's kid's newsletters will inspire your child to reach for the stars.

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Starting as low as $4.50 per week.

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 Education from the Encyclopedia Britannica Kids


Each week we send out educationally themed letters. All of our content is powered through our award-winning partner Encyclopedia Britannica Kids. 

Each letter consists of three sections:

  • The weekly themed content

  • The word of the week to help increase vocabulary 

  • Questions which are meant to continue the conversation around the theme and spark a conversation.

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Each kid's newsletter includes a paper-craft 3D toy and other surprises.


Each letter includes a paper-craft 3D toy and other surprises to enhance each week's theme which kids will love to play with once they are done reading the letter.

On the back of each letter is an activity sheet to keep the kids engaged and continue the fun! These fun surprises are meant to be used as positive reinforcements of learning the new topics.

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Our kid's newsletters are affordable.


The gift that keeps on giving! Our plans start as low as $4.50 a week.

Unlike other items that are purchased for kids that get used once and are never looked at again, MailPop is a gift kids will look forward to every week with excitement.

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Solar System
Solar System

Sample MailPop Letter

Rain Forest
Rain Forest

Sample MailPop Letter

Solar System
Solar System

Sample MailPop Letter

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Customer Reviews

MailPop LLC Kid's Newsletters Customer Reviews

''My kids were so excited to get their MailPop. It came beautifully packaged. My 8 and 9 year old really enjoyed the content and activity sheet. All my kids felt really special having a letter addressed to them.''

— Ariella N.

Screen-Free Learning!

With MailPop, kids can have healthy play experiences while learning new educational themes each week.


“Children who spend more hours in front of a screen show worse progress on key developmental outcomes such as problem solving, social interaction and communication skills.”

– Iris M. Steine, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Researcher

Screen-free-learning is the way to help improve a child's communication skills.

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MailPop is MUCH more than just a letter and a paper-craft 3D toy, we strive to channel all the enthusiasm a kid has when receiving a personalized letter in the mail to a fun, learning opportunity; helping kids develop the love of learning.

Your child will improve on their reading skills while learning something new!


By reading all the educational content of each letter kids are sure to learn something new each week.

Cognitive development designed to improve a child's thought process.

Cognitive Development

The brain busters on the back of each letter are a great way to boost kids problem solving skills and can also help improve a child's cognitive thought process.

Our kid's newsletter includes a paper-crafted 3-D toy, designed to improve motor skills and focus.


Assembling the paper-craft 3D toys which comes in every letter is a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills and improve their ability to focus.

Bring the family together with a enrichment activity tailored to enhancing your child gain knowledge from what they read.

Enrichment Activities

Through the weekly enrichment activity, families will come together to deepen their understanding of the content of the week and will further your child's understanding of the information they're reading about, making it come to life!